Python OFX Library for querying OFX compliant bank institutes

We recently needed some tools for automating our financial controlling, therefore we required automatic retrieval of account balances and transactions. In order to integrate it in our environment we needed some tool to automatically insert it in a relational database. Unfortunately we could not find any appropriate tools to do so – especially not for our Austrian bank institute (Easybank). For that reason we decided to develop one on our own and to provide it as open source so that anyone with a similar demand can reuse it. The library provides the following functionality:

  • Written 100% in Python
  • Has a simple command-line client
  • Is quite configurable (multiple accounts etc.)
  • Works with the OFX server of the Austrian Easybank but can also easily be extended by adding other institutes in the configuration
  • Can output data as CSV
  • Can insert data into a relational database (can be called daily to store all transactions in an RDB and keep history of account balances)
  • Reuses an OFX parser from another Python package, called “ofxparse”

The package is currently available via SVN only, you can have a look at it and download it from here:


The usage of the client looks like the following: